Welcome to the Museum of Comment Spam, a collection of the finest examples of computer-generated blog comments from around the world.

All exhibits are gratefully received, so if you have an entry that deserves consideration, please email me; if it appears on the blog I’ll be delighted to attribute and provide a backlink.

He was Ken Lay

A bit of something for everyone here

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When he wakes up in the morning, pain shoots through his body

the winslowparking lot and the future depot circleCarrying numerous discount Arby’s coupons on your grocery trip individual students will be required to give a presentation lasting approximately 8Said Redskins linebacker Lorenzo Alexander: drive takes place at Lincoln Financial Field located at 1020 Pattison Avenue in South Philadelphia on clean look and layer your blouse on top of your pants.would share with them what I’ve unusual. When he wakes up in the morning, pain shoots through his body. When he goes

Where to start? Where to finish?

The Mother Lode

Generally speaking, here at the Museum we just put up interesting and amusing snippets from comment posts that have been left, marvelling at the mangled syntax or exulting in the strange poetry formed by copy spinning bots.

This entry is therefore  an exception, as someone’s spam comment bot has lost a couple of lines of code and posted a complete script – the more forensic among you can pick out what would be the various individual posts and the alternatives for copy-spinning (you might {realize|recognize|understand|recognise|know} some of the examples. Quite why  Vebnet.com is the company to which these entries would have linked, I leave to them and their SEO manager.

Now that we’ve lifted the lid and seen the works, can any of us revert to a pre-lapsarian state of ignorance?

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