About this blog

Ah, comment spam. Anyone who runs a blog will be familiar with it, from the insincere compliments (“Great post. Thanks for writing this.”) to, frankly, gibberish churned out by copy spinning programs. This blog aims to celebrate the latter – at their best these entries achieve the status of dadaist constructions or even blank verse. All contributions will be welcomed – email your favourites to donaldmichaelbrown[at]gmail[dot]com and include a link to your blog and I’ll give the finer examples the wider attention they deserve.


The first one you get brings a little buzz, ”great article, I’ve bookmarked this page. Thanks!”. Your writing isn’t unappreciated after all; somewhere out there someone has read your blog and you’ve made a connection.

Then another one appears similar to the first. And then another. And then a flood. They’re praising your ’about me’ page, they’re giving the thumbs up to that ten word stub you did about buying a new pair of shoes, the comments don’t have any connection with your posting…

Welcome to the world of comment spam, a black hat SEO trick that tries to smuggle in links to external sites to push those sites higher up the Google rankings.

As well as the obvious links and the false praise, a favourite spam trick is to ’spin’ some meaningless phrase and post that in the comments section. This blog aims to celebrate these wonderful examples of deconstructed English, these machine-generated bits of copy that pick random near-synonyms to produce sentences with no sense but which, if you really, really try hard, you can just about divine the original meaning.


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